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Re: cookie reject problem

Hi, Kalyan

Sorry, for late reply.

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Date    : [Fri, 4 Nov 2005 16:53:28 +0530]
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Kalyan> 	I have just visited the BBC Radio's  World Service site and
Kalyan> 	tried to listen to the programmes with my standalone Real
Kalyan> 	Player and got the following message:

Kalyan> www.bbc.co.uk tried to set a cookie for domain bbc.co.uk - rejected.

Kalyan> So I typed the following in my *scratch* Lisp Interaction buffer:

Kalyan> (setq w3m-cookie-accept-domains '("bbc.co.uk"))

Kalyan> evaluated the expression (C-x C-e) and tried again.

Please re-try,
 1. check cookie ability for normal w3m console command.
 2. follow lisp exp eval before emacs-w3m bootup.

Kalyan> The same error message was repeated. How do I get cookies to work;
Kalyan> actually this (BBC Radio)
Kalyan> is perhapsthe only place I'd want to use cookies. So if somebody can
Kalyan> tell me how to listen to BBC Radio using Emacs-w3m that would be fine.

Kalyan> Incidentally the variable w3m-use-cookies is labelled in the Info file
Kalyan> as EXPERIMENTAL; has this variable been stabilized and which version
Kalyan> of emacs-w3m do I need to use this.

Now, we are trying to blashup emacs-w3m code and lankup `w3m-use-cookies' EXPERIMENTAL
variable to normal variable.

# but we are so busy, ... working is late.


Tsuyoshi CHO