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Re: possible changes to w3m

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx> writes:

>>> I believe the first thing we should do is to appeal to the w3m (not
>>> emacs-w3m) developers to improve w3m so as not to ignore <i>...</i>
>>> tags.

I have subscribed to the list and will be asking them about the
reasoning behind stripping the tags in the halfdump.  I can see no
logical reason to not send them, unless there is some crazy reason that
it speeds things up.

> I see.  I think using a different face on preformatted text is a
> good idea, except for the case where the whole contents are
> surrounded by <pre>...</pre> tags (I used to use such ones ;-).

In this case, I would think that changing the color attribute would be
best.  Else there would be no way the visually impaired would know.  As
long as the text keeps the same face name, it should all be OK.
Actually, I guess a different face name could be used, but that seems
rather unnecessary.

> Probably what we should ask the w3m developers is to prevent w3m
> from removing all tags in halfdump.

Hopefully, I can get that started tomorrow.



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