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Re: [PATCH] Add `w3m-send-page-by-mail'


>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.08880] Luca Capello <luca@xxxxxx> wrote:

>> I'll start working on w3m-source.el.  I roughly plan to rename it to
>> w3m-mail.el and to use `w3m-mail-' as a prefix for variables and
>> functions.

> Please go on.  I was working on another emacs-w3m patch and as the
> w3m-source.el one was already usable, I put it on a lower level.

I've CVS committed the new module w3m-mail.el, which provides
the `w3m-mail' command (it can also be used in the menu bar).
Currently it supports only Gnus and Message (the case where
mail-user-agent is set to gnus-user-agent or message-user-agent),
so contributors who create the functions for Mew, Wanderlust,
and so forth are welcome.

Main improvements I made are:

1. Embed the base url in the html header.  For instance, it
   enables recipients to see the Google logo in the mail
   containing the source of http://www.google.com/.

2. Use the base64 encoding if the source contains non-ASCII text
   or very long lines.  Since MTAs tend to chop them into short
   pieces without considering the boundaries of encoded text and
   html tags, the source might be broken if it is not done.

3. Inherit the charset of the page that emacs-w3m recognizes.
   It is necessary since (at least) Gnus often uses `iso-8859-1'
   even if the page used `windows-1252' for example.

(ルカ-san, please be not offended that there is not your name in
 the module for the moment, since I've rewritten w3m-source.el
 wholly. ;-)