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Re: can't scroll down through large images easily

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx> writes:

> Now we can browse the page in question smoothly.  Could you try the
> latest CVS?

Yes, that's much better thanks.

There are still some problems with this page however:


It has lots of large images.  Some of them I can scroll though, and
some I can't.  The 'scroll back' effect I was seeing before happens on
this page, but it is happening immediately (like less than 0.1
seconds), not on a 0.5 second timer.

> Although there is no difference in the sense that Emacs is not a
> good image viewer for huge images, we have the `M-[' command.

I just tried that command on the 'palette' image on the
page, and it changed the background colour of the image.

Could it be that zooming out images doesn't respect transparent