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Re: A user menu in the wrong position

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.09159] Leo wrote:

> The point is users will get used to the normal positions of "File"
> "Edit" etc. menus but when they are in w3m they would find themselves
> reach out for the wrong ones since their positions have been
> shifted. This is subtle inconvenience. But if we can't get any
> advantage of breaking a convention, maybe following it is a good idea
> and I guess the code for this part will be simpler.

You are the first person to have expressed a doubt to this,
although the position of the emacs-w3m menus have been kept the
forefront ever since 8 May 2001.  Okay.  I don't persist with
the position of the emacs-w3m menus.  As compared with the
complexity of emacs-w3m, it is a trifling issue.  In principle,
I esteem the idea that things should all be decided democratically
or should all be made customizable.  Although we cannot do the
programming smoothly if all need to be decided by all users.
How do other people think about it?  Should it leave to Emacs,
be customizable or be as is?

A digest in Japanese:
Leo さんが w3m メニューがメニューバーの左端にあるのは変だと言っ
と不便、云々。これは 2001年5月8日にぼくが実施したのですが、文句
どう思いますか?  位置の決定は Emacs に任せるべきですか?  カスタ
マイズ可能にすべきですか?  現状のままにしておくべきですか?