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Re: A user menu in the wrong position

On 2007-02-01, Katsumi Yamaoka said:

> You are the first person to have expressed a doubt to this, although
> the position of the emacs-w3m menus have been kept the forefront
> ever since 8 May 2001.  Okay.  I don't persist with the position of
> the emacs-w3m menus.  As compared with the complexity of emacs-w3m,
> it is a trifling issue.  In principle, I esteem the idea that things
> should all be decided democratically or should all be made
> customizable.  Although we cannot do the programming smoothly if all
> need to be decided by all users.  How do other people think about
> it?  Should it leave to Emacs, be customizable or be as is?

Thank you, Katsumi for supporting this.

I have been using Emacs for about a year starting from Emacs 23 and
then back to Emacs 22. I then started using emacs-w3m from December
2006. And I know our brains are very powerful to adapt to things. Thus
after a long-term usage, we will be blind to the inconvenience. But
new users, they are very likely to use mouse and menu and tool
bars. My suggestion is to make them feel comfortable when they come to
emacs-w3m at some point.

As for myself, I don't mind if we keep the menu as it is.

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