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Re: Cannot open load file: cl

Hi, Robert.

2007/5/6, Robert J. Chassell <bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
    Now, CVS sources(as not eq. `release sources') are some additional
    steps required.

Thank you. In a shell as a regular user, I did

That's good.

C-x b runs the command w3m-switch-to-buffer

However, in a *w3m* buffer, `C-x b' (w3m-switch-to-buffer) does not
offer a default but in other modes, `C-x b' (switch-to-buffer) does.
(This lack caught my attention originally.)

I undertood it and resolved it.

w3m-switch-to-buffer currentry bind to C-c C-a(info keybind and normal keybind)
C-x b are kept normal switch-to-buffer binding.

# check cvs-web(HEAD's w3m.el)
# http://cvs.namazu.org/emacs-w3m/w3m.el?only_with_tag=HEAD&view=markup

Please confirm key binding(C-h b).