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Re: Cannot open load file: cl

    w3m-switch-to-buffer currentry bind to C-c C-a
       (info keybind and normal keybind)
    C-x b are kept normal switch-to-buffer binding.

    # check cvs-web(HEAD's w3m.el)
    # http://cvs.namazu.org/emacs-w3m/w3m.el?only_with_tag=HEAD&view=markup

Unfortunately w3m-switch-buffer selects one of the emacs-w3m buffers
in the current window.  That does not help when there is only one
emacs-w3m buffer available.  In that case, the command provides for
that same buffer.

What I want is the regular switch-to-buffer command that finds another
buffer, not necessarily an emacs-w3m buffer.

Most of my switching is from a *w3m* buffer to another, such as a
*mail* buffer.

Wait a minute!  I may have done something wrong.  I did not get a new

    C-c C-a runs the command w3m-switch-buffer
      which is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `w3m-tabmenu.el'.

I grabbed the new w3m.el at 
byte compiled it, installed it, and ran it on a new instance of
yesterday's CVS snapshot of GNU Emacs.

The new W3M mode had these bindings

    C-c C-a         w3m-switch-buffer     
        # with only one *w3m* buffer, w3m-switch-buffer offers the same buffer

    C-x b           w3m-switch-to-buffer
        # w3m-switch-to-buffer provides no prompt

In a *Help* buffer

    C-x b runs the command switch-to-buffer
        # switch-to-buffer provides the name of another buffer as prompt 

In the *w3m* buffer, I found the value of emacs-w3m-version;
it said

    emacs-w3m-version is a variable defined in `w3m.el'.
    Its value is "1.4.189"

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