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Re: buttons in forms don't work anymore for XEmacs

(Sorry for the off topic.)

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.09543] Mike FABIAN wrote:

> Why have the ❤ characters U+2764 (HEAVY BLACK HEART) disappeared
> in your reply?

> (Your reply is a multipart mail with seperate parts for each ❤ but
> these parts have no charse and the ❤ character seems to have been
> destroyed).

I guess I used the old mm-util.el mistakenly.  It doesn't use
the `unicode-precedence-list' function that adds the utf-8
charset set containing `jit-ucs-charset-0'.  But now it's been

(split-char ?❤)
 => (jit-ucs-charset-0 32 33)

(require 'mm-util)

(assq 'utf-8 mm-mime-mule-charset-alist)
 => (utf-8 ... jit-ucs-charset-0)

  (insert "I ❤ Unicode")
  (mm-find-mime-charset-region (point-min) (point-max)))
 => (utf-8)

However, I wonder why your Gnus v5.10.6 encodes it correctly.
Because the date that I added `unicode-precedence-list' to
`mm-mime-mule-charset-alist' was 2006-06-06 and it should be
neither in Gnus v5.10.6 nor the Gnus XEmacs package. ;-)

>> (split-char (string-to-char (decode-coding-string "\357\277\275" 'utf-8)))
>>  => (chinese-big5-1 35 110)

> Probably an XEmacs bug.

Thank you very much for fixing the bug:


I've verified it solves the problem.