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Re: w3m freezes / 99% cpu?

Hmm. I have the exact same problem -- but I don't think the edebug
approach will be helpful. In my case, I can reproduce the hang just by
running "w3m" from a shell (with no arguments). It spins using up 100%

The only information I can provide is from the statistical sampler built
into Mac OS X Leopard's Activity Monitor:

  Sampling process 47549 for 3 seconds with 1 millisecond of run time between samples
  Sampling completed, processing symbols...
  Analysis of sampling w3m (pid 47549) every 1 millisecond
  Call graph:
      2503 Thread_2503
        2503 start
          2503 main
            2503 GC_init
              2503 GC_init_inner
                2503 GC_try_to_collect_inner
                  2503 GC_stopped_mark
                    2503 GC_stop_world
                      2503 GC_release_mark_lock
                        2503 __spin_lock
                          2503 __spin_lock
      2503 Thread_2603
        2503 thread_start
          2503 _pthread_start
            2503 GC_mark_thread
              2503 GC_help_marker
                2503 GC_acquire_mark_lock
                  2503 pthread_mutex_lock
                    2503 new_sem_from_pool
                      2503 semaphore_create
                        2503 mach_msg
                          2503 mach_msg_trap
                            2503 mach_msg_trap
  Total number in stack (recursive counted multiple, when >=5):
  Sort by top of stack, same collapsed (when >= 5):
          __spin_lock        2503
          mach_msg_trap        2503
  Sample analysis of process 47549 written to file /dev/stdout

The above is what w3m seems to be doing during the hang.