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Re: [w3m-dev 04309] Re: w3m eats spaces


On Wed, Jul 02, 2008 at 01:00:13PM +0900, Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:
> >> I think this patch will fix it.
> >> [w3m-dev 04238] [patch] simple preserve space
> >> http://www.sic.med.tohoku.ac.jp/~satodai/w3m-dev/200705.month/4238.html

> I realized there is one problem that cannot be tolerated in the
> patch.  Japanese text can be folded even at the middle of a word,
> but a program should never put space characters there when
> rendering the text.  However, not only the patched w3m but also
> Firefox 3.0 do it.  OTOH, the original w3m and IE 7 do not it.
> I'm confused, but I feel like that the original w3m and IE 7 do
> the right thing.

Yes, I see.
It has been mentioned by SAKAMOTO-san,

[w3m-dev 03508] Re: save space in JP chars
> # w3m 以外のブラウザのバグと思っているので、
> # あんまり乗り気ではないですが、
> オプションとしてもいいかとは思います。

So, we can disable ``simple'' preserve space by w3m's option
(Charset Settings -> Simple Preserve Space: NO).

>  You can test it with this page:
> http://www.jpl.org/test-20080702.html
> Maybe the best way w3m goes is to preserve only space characters
> between graphical characters.

It is preferable, but it is too much for me... sorry.