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Re: recentre anchor at top of window

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.10917] Kevin Ryde wrote:
> Since nobody else has commented I assume I'm the only user of this
> feature :-).  I'd like to wind it back a bit along the lines I said
> before, to just recentre on programmatic goto and link following, not
> tab, per below.

> 2009-06-13  Kevin Ryde  <user42@xxxxxxxxxx>

> 	* w3m.el (w3m-view-recenter): Only nil,t,integer, not a cons.
> 	(w3m-search-name-anchor, w3m-view-this-url-1): No arg to w3m-recenter.
> 	(w3m-next-anchor, w3m-previous-anchor, w3m-next-form,
> 	w3m-previous-form, w3m-next-image, w3m-previous-image): Don't
> 	recenter, leave recentering just for following a link, not Tab etc
> 	within the buffer.
> 	(w3m-recenter): Remove NAME arg, believe don't need to differentiate
> 	URLs with an anchor or not since with no anchor `point' is at the
> 	start of the buffer and can't be recentered anyway.
> 	Use C-u style "(recenter '(4))" for the `t' middle-of-screen case.
> 	No need for code to avoid redisplay, `recenter' doesn't redisplay in
> 	the integer or C-u cases.

Sorry for the long delay.  I've applied your patch.  Thanks!