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Re: right clicking on URL in emacs-w3m vs. gnus

Štěpán Němec wrote:
> Was this ever actually added to Emacs? I'm using latest Git Emacs and
> emacs-w3m, but right-clicking on URLs does nothing and my gnus-art.el
> does not seem to contain any of the code K.Y. proposed in one of the
> messages in this thread...?

In <b4mwrw149t1.fsf@xxxxxxx> I wrote:
> I don't know what items the menu should provide but I tried hacking
> it as attached below.  Currently the right-click pops up this menu:

> ,----
>| Open this link with
>| ===================
>| browse-url
>| emacs-w3m
> `----

I haven't implemented it yet because I didn't think it's very useful.
Are there other function items you want?