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Re: w3m-lnum: yet another selection workflow

In [emacs-w3m : No.11673] Andrey Kotlarski wrote:
> I think these types should be:

> :type '(repeat (choice (string :format "Information line: %v")
>                        (group (character :format "Key: %v ")
>                               (function :format "%t:\n%v")
>                               (string :format "Prompt: %v"))))

I see.  `Information line' can be put anywhere in a list, isn't it?
So I've committed this one:

(defvar w3m-lnum-actions-custom-type
  '(repeat (choice :format "%[Value Menu%] %v"
		   (string :tag "Information line")
		   (group :tag "Keycode and Action" :indent 2
			  (character :format "Key: %v\n")
			  (function :format "%t: %v")
			  (string :format "Prompt: %v")))))

(defcustom w3m-lnum-actions-*
  :type w3m-lnum-actions-custom-type

Please modify it if it is not your taste.

> Hah, thank you for finally making me read this section of the Elisp
> manual, I've honestly missed it and thought these declarations were some
> undocumented magic :)

Many defcustom examples in the world and wid-edit.el are my textbooks. :)