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Re: w3m-form allows editing when it shouldn't

In [emacs-w3m : No.12149] Thorsten Jolitz wrote:
> Here is a reccipe (I sent you login data for a test account in a private
> email) assuming you use a standard browser like chromium:

>  1. login
>  2. click Documents in the menu

Oh, it's in `My account'!  I found `Documents' there at last. :)
After some trials, I realized w3m doesn't support the `disabled'
attribute in forms unfortunately.  But it supports a similar one,
the `readonly' attribute.  So, I determined to go this way:

Add a filter function to `w3m-filter-configuration'.  It's a
function that replaces `disabled' with `readonly' in an html
source before rendering it.

It was partly successful, but I feel like improving a user
interface for readonly/disabled textarea more.  Maybe it takes
one more day.  As for the other issues, I'm going to deal with,