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Re: [PATCH] Add functionality for editing textareas in Org-mode

In [emacs-w3m : No.12166] Thorsten Jolitz wrote:
> Thats perfectly ok, since recent version 8.0 of Org-mode introduced the
> new parser and exporter framework, and anybody with older versions is
> really decoupled from actual Org-mode development. And I can't imagine
> somebody running Org-mode 8+ on such old Emacs versions.

I've installed your patch.  Thank you for the contribution.

I didn't modify the key for `w3m-form-input-textarea-save' from
`C-x C-s' to `C-c C-s' as your patch does.  In the past it was
discussed about using such a keystroke of Emacs' basic and got
a consensus because it does "save things to a file".