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Re: delay with close tab

Emanuel Berg <emanuel.berg.8573@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Michael Heerdegen <michael_heerdegen@xxxxxx> writes:
> > Yes.  In Emacs, I use M-x epatch to apply patches.
> > It's not complicated.  You can create patches with
> > Ediff.
> >
> > You really don't need to cope with that.  Just load
> > the attached file after loading w3m (L in dired, or
> > open the file and M-x eval-buffer), please, and tell
> > us if the problem is fixed for you.
> You mean the w3m-ems-test.patch file?

No, I meant the file I had attached to the last message, which was an .el
elisp file ;-)  For the .patch, you need to apply it, e.g. with M-x epatch.

> In that case, none of methods worked. (And... it looks a bit strange
> with your paths still there?)

That should be ok (I hope so).  I also learned that by trial and error
some time ago.  Too bad there is no good node about handling patches in
the Emacs manuals.

> But I managed to test it anyway - what you suggest is
> simply:
> (run-at-time 0.1 nil
>            (lambda (buffer)
>              (when (buffer-live-p buffer)
>           (with-current-buffer buffer
>             (setq w3m-tab-timer nil)
>             ;; (when (and (eq (selected-window)
>             ;;      (get-buffer-window buffer))
>             ;;       w3m-process-queue)
>             ;;   (inline (w3m-force-window-update)))
>             (w3m-force-window-update))))
>            current)
> with the one line (second last) added and the four old
> removed (commentated out)?


> In that case, *YES*, that seems to have done it!

That's good news.  Then we have at least a hint what the problem is.  I
think the mistake is that the code assumes that there has already a
redisplay being performed.  Hoping Yamaoka has an idea how to fix this

FWIW, thanks for testing, Emanuel!