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Re: key remapping

Max <maxim.suraev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Thanks, that seems to work fine but I'm unable to combine it with
> previous advice: how do I make use of backspace to go to previous page
> in the same buffer?

What do you mean?  The functionality bound to B
(`w3m-view-previous-page') by default?  Because the suggested
`w3m-previous-buffer' changes the buffer.  Doesn't sound like that's
what you want.

> While I'm at it - which function in w3m responsible for switching
> tabs? I'd like to bind it ctrl+tab

If you want to cycle through the tabs, `w3m-previous-buffer',
`w3m-next-buffer', I think.  Or do you mean something different?

> Also, could you help to clarify terminological confusion? I thought
> that "session" is a collection of tabs currently opened (or stored
> somewhere) but the function to open stuff in new tab called
> "...-url-new-session" - why so?

AFAIK, "session" corresponds to "w3m buffer" (whereby buffers correspond
to tabs when enabled) So yes, it's different from what "session" means
e.g. in firefox.