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Re: key remapping

20.03.2014 16:54, Michael Heerdegen пишет:
> What do you mean?  The functionality bound to B
> (`w3m-view-previous-page') by default?  Because the suggested
> `w3m-previous-buffer' changes the buffer.  Doesn't sound like that's
> what you want.

Excellent - that's exactly what I was looking for!

>> While I'm at it - which function in w3m responsible for switching
>> tabs? I'd like to bind it ctrl+tab
> If you want to cycle through the tabs, `w3m-previous-buffer',
> `w3m-next-buffer', I think.  Or do you mean something different?

Exactly - works like a charm :)

> AFAIK, "session" corresponds to "w3m buffer" (whereby buffers correspond
> to tabs when enabled) So yes, it's different from what "session" means
> e.g. in firefox.

Ok, so is there something which correspond to session in firefox sense? I mean I've
opened bunch of tabs (aka "w3m-buffers") and would like to save them all at once
under some name so I could open all of them some time later on. How do I do that
manually? How to do that automatically?

thanks a lot,