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Re: key remapping

Max <maxim.suraev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Ok, so is there something which correspond to session in firefox
> sense?

Yip, it's called ... "session".  No, no joke, there is a whole file for
working with "such" sessions: w3m-session.el.

> I mean I've opened bunch of tabs (aka "w3m-buffers") and would
> like to save them all at once under some name so I could open all of
> them some time later on. How do I do that manually? How to do that
> automatically?

I never really used this functionality, but it seems to work quite
simple: save a session by just M-x w3m-session-save some-name RET.  This
saves everything to a file.  Later, you can M-x w3m-session-select and
choose it from the list.

AFAIK, the current state is automatically regularly backed up (see
`w3m-session-autosave').  AFAIK these also appear in the
`w3m-session-select' listing.