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Re: w3m-goto-url with URL containing colons?

Thorsten Jolitz <tjolitz@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> 1. G (or M-x w3m-goto-url-new-session)
> 2. org-mode :ARCHIVE:
> and then get
> ,----
> | Location: org-mode :ARCHIVE:                                         
> | Cannot retrieve URL: org-mode%20:ARCHIVE:
> | 
> | Something seems to be wrong with URL or this system.
> `----

Sorry, but I'm missing something important.  What feature do you want to
use here, performing the search?  Is this something that comes with org,
or does "org-mode" refer to an entry in your `w3m-search-engine-alist'?

Because, if I do
   G org-mode ARCHIVE RET

I do get a similar message.

Sorry if this is a dumb question; I'm not an w3m maintainer, I just want
to help clarifying the issue.