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Re: configure x xemacs

Hi Andrés,

In [emacs-w3m : No.12506]
	On Tue, 29 Sep 2015 11:35:07 +0900, Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:
> Uhm.  I'm going to try it by myself fully with XEmacs 21.5...

I gave up comliling emacs-w3m by using XEmacs 21.5-b32 on Cygwin.
It's terribly buggy.  What are especially fatal are:

. It doesn't expand the macro `labels' (`w3m-labels') correctly.
. It cannot run the external program w3m asynchronously.

I guess your XEmacs 21.5 is also buggy on one level or another.
If you have an interest, try *un*compiled emacs-w3m, otherwise
the compiled emacs-w3m that I built using XEmacs 21.4.23:


Though it's very skeptical, it should work even with XEmacs 21.5
if it's gone back to sanity.  Anyway, I'll try the most recent
XEmacs on Fedora 23-beta Linux in this weekend (in home).

I used to be an XEmacs fan but abandoned it years ago since bugs
got fixed not at all instead of being increased.  GNU Emacs is
my main playground now.  As for Cygwin, XEmacs of the hg trunk
cannot build on that platform for these 3 years, so I'm still
using -*-buggy-*- XEmacs 21.5-b32 of 2012-10-14 on Cygwin.