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Re: configure x xemacs

On Tue, 29 Sep 2015 00:25:37 -0500,
Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:
> I gave up comliling emacs-w3m by using XEmacs 21.5-b32 on Cygwin.
> It's terribly buggy.  What are especially fatal are:
> . It doesn't expand the macro `labels' (`w3m-labels') correctly.
> . It cannot run the external program w3m asynchronously.
> I guess your XEmacs 21.5 is also buggy on one level or another.
> If you have an interest, try *un*compiled emacs-w3m, otherwise
> the compiled emacs-w3m that I built using XEmacs 21.4.23:

> http://www.jpl.org/tmp/emacs-w3m-XEmacs-21_4_23.tar.gz
> Though it's very skeptical, it should work even with XEmacs 21.5
> if it's gone back to sanity.  Anyway, I'll try the most recent
> XEmacs on Fedora 23-beta Linux in this weekend (in home).

It works after installing (mail-lib which has 'browse-url')
On my distro Archlinux you can try Xemacs just with an usb, my xemacs-pkg is
installed from the repository. But on live-distro is not posible to install the
compilation tools (not enough space).
> I used to be an XEmacs fan but abandoned it years ago since bugs
> got fixed not at all instead of being increased.  GNU Emacs is
> my main playground now.  As for Cygwin, XEmacs of the hg trunk
> cannot build on that platform for these 3 years, so I'm still
> using -*-buggy-*- XEmacs 21.5-b32 of 2012-10-14 on Cygwin.
Actually I am doing Emacs archeology with Xemacs. As We have tested
Xemacs does not have too much man power. But for me it is very nice to
try it. It crashed with tramp. Xemacs tramp syntax is very awkward. at
least until now I have proved cc-mode is ok, emacs-w3m browser is ok. Probably next I
am going to see if wanderlust works on it. In the past it used to
work. This year the developers just shift focus to only emacs-24.

I follow the emacs-devel list. Those days I have been following the
xemacs-beta list too. There is a person there trying to compile xemacs
trunk with visual studio 2015. He has a weird error. If he fix it. That
would help You to have the trunk compiled for windows.

My recomendation would be to create a tag on the hg repo with last tested version that
works on xemacs 21.5.33 just in case in the future somebody ask for a
version that works. Why have not You created a emacs-w3m-mule-pkg?. I
have seen It is not very easy to create a mule-pkg. And probably nobody
has asked for it on 2015.

Thanks for ur help. Katsumi San.