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Re: w3m-clear-display-while-reading vs C-c C-k stop

On 2017-03-19 16:33, Kevin Ryde wrote:
> I think I'd probably prefer automatically go B, but as long as not in
> the limbo of saying "Reading ..." but not reading then fine.  Maybe
> others have an opinion.

If I'm correctly understanding the thread, I would want the the
process to abort, and to display an abort message rather than
continuing to hog resources. My concern is because when I encounter
this situation, it's when I've sent the emacs w3m server a few DOZEN
simultaneous requests. The server blithely seems to attempt to perform
all simultaneously instead of enforcing some kind of limit. Hmm, maybe
that would be a method to mitigiate the situation happening in the
first place? Impose a configurable limit on simultaneous page-load

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