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Re: w3m-url-valid

In [emacs-w3m : No.12758]
On Wed, 19 Jul 2017 00:28:05 +0900, TSUCHIYA-san wrote:
> This change was introduced as the result of the discussion of
> "[emacs-w3m:04095] cookie-get error at text/html part".


> Especially, its meaning was described at "[emacs-w3m:04101] Re:
> cookie-get error at text/html part".


I understood what (defconst w3m-url-fallback-base "http:///";)
does really mean and is used for after all.

> Then, I conclude as follows:

> (1) `w3m-url-fallback-base' is considered as two meanings.  The first
> meaning is described at [emacs-w3m:12757], and the second meaning is the
> impossible value of the URI string described at [emacs-w3m:04101].

> (2) And, w3m-url-valid() is not considered as a generic validation
> function.  It was simply designed as an ad-hoc function to avoid
> handling errors of URIs for the cases when no base URI is given.

I got it; a url beginning with "http:///"; is generated internally
in emacs-w3m for a certain situation in order to be rejected as
an invalid url thereafter.