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Re: Build errors - bad fd number

Dear Boruch,
>>>>> Boruch Baum <boruch_baum@xxxxxxx> writes:

    > On 2019-02-25 06:58, Colin Baxter wrote:
    >> P.S. If users are using a reasonably up-to-date Debian then they
    >> will most probably have to install the latest Autoconf
    >> themselves. Debian tend to ship 'old' packages; for example,
    >> Debian 3.16.59-1 comes with Autoconf 2.13. Emacs-w3m is the only
    >> source I've compiled where I have needed to update autoconf. I
    >> have been able to use autoconf 2.13 on Emacs-27.0.50, org-mode,
    >> auctex - to name but three.

    > Excellent point. You're right. We should be able to build on
    > debian out-of-the-box. Wait a minute. Are you sure? My memory is
    > that debian has never including autoconf by default, and that one
    > had always needed to install 'build-essential'. What system
    > exactly are you using?

cat /etc/debian_version ===> 8.10
uname -a  ===> 3.16.0-7-686-pae #1 SMP Debian 3.16.59-1 (2018-10-03) i686

On my system, the package 'build-essentail' only contains:


On the other hand autoconf-2.13 is a separate package listed in synaptic and

 .... plus more files and directories in /usr/share
I built the up-to-date version autoconf-2.69 from source and installed
locally in $HOME.

    > On my debian system, 'apt policy autoconf' shows only different

For me, 'apt policy autoconf' gives an 'invalid operation' with or
without evoking root.

Best wishes,

Colin Baxter