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Re: Build errors - bad fd number

On 2019-02-25 15:52, Colin Baxter wrote:
> Dear Boruch,

> On my system, the package 'build-essentail' only contains:

My mistake then; it only includes the basic non-gnu tool-chain. I'm
surprised though that autoconf is installed at all by default, since
build-essential isn't installed by default and the GNU tool-chain is
less mainstream.

> On the other hand autoconf-2.13 is a separate package listed in
> synaptic and

> For me, 'apt policy autoconf' gives an 'invalid operation' with or
> without evoking root.

Then on your machine the correct command would be the older
  'apt-cache policy autoconf'.

This is secondary, of course. The project should have a clearly stated
policy listing the build requirements for the package, including the
component version numbers.

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