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Re: bookmark file not reloaded until w3m restart

On 2019-04-26 04:06, Emanuel Berg wrote:
> Boruch Baum wrote:
> >> As for the bookmarks issue, since that is an
> >> ordinary HTML file, I'll create a HTML file
> >> on disk and edit that, and see if the same
> >> thing happens...
> >
> > The bookmarks file is an ordinary html file
> > on disk. On my system, it's stored at
> > ~/.w3m/bookmark.html
> Even tho I now have the Debian testing version
> of Emacs-w3m, I still have this problem. I must
> restart Emacs-w3m for the update to show up.

I've been on holiday for the past week, and have forgotten all the
details of this thread, so forgive me if I'm repeating something that
has already been addressed. Have you tried the following?

  M-x w3m-reload-this-page

Also, I've skimmed your on-list correspondence with "tats" (would
"tats-san" be the correct polite Japanese address?), and wanted to chime
in that your final resolution is unclear and might have un-needed cruft.
If your final decision is to use the up-to-date emacs-w3m version from
MELPA, then: 1) you need to remember to update ALL your elc files (ie. rm
*.elc and then byte-compile) when you update the el files, and; 2) you
don't need to perform any apt pinning.

Personally, I avoid byte-compiling because of too many bitter
experiences of the kind you encountered. I haven't noticed any
performance difference.

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