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Re: w3m-download trouble

Boruch Baum wrote:

>> As it is now, because everything else which is
>> prefixed `w3m-' is actually Emacs w3m, won't
>> people think that w3m-version refers to Emacs w3m
>> as well?
> The docstring clearly says otherwise.

It says

  Version string of the w3m command.

Now, because `w3m-' is used as the Emacs w3m prefix,
it is close at hand to believe the variable name (and
docstring) refers to Emacs w3m as well.

Emacs w3m ought to have a command like Emacs and Gnus
to output its version number, i.e., like
`emacs-version' and `gnus-version' - 1s... I'll write

(defun emacs-w3m-version (&optional do-insert)
  "Version number of this version of Emacs w3m, `emacs-w3m-version'.
If DO-INSERT, insert it at point.
\nThis is not the version of the shell tool w3m; see `w3m-version'."
  (interactive "P")
  (if do-insert
      (insert (message emacs-w3m-version))
    (message emacs-w3m-version) ))
(defalias 'w3m-emacs-version #'emacs-w3m-version)

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