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Re: <HR> displayed as \212's

>>>>> in [emacs-w3m : No.01447]
>>>>> "Pavel" = Pavel@Janik.cz (Pavel Janík) wrote:
Pavel> My system (SuSE Linux 7.2) contains w3m and w3mj which is
Pavel> compiled with Japanese support. I use w3m which does not
Pavel> use 2-byte characters. But I also compiled it from source
Pavel> and it shows the same problem.

This kind of trouble might occur with a wrong version of w3m.
Emacs-w3m requires w3m-0.2.1 with w3m-0.2.1-inu-patch.

Would you try w3m-0.2.1-inu-1.3?
You can get it from
This is a w3m package to which w3m-0.2.1-inu-patch is applied.

README of emacs-w3m says:
> 3. Version of w3m
>    Because this program is sensitive to version of w3m, the latest
>    version of w3m should be used.  Its latest official version is 0.2.1,
>    which is released at Mar 23th, 2001.  Its source can be downloaded
>    from:
>       ftp://ei5nazha.yz.yamagata-u.ac.jp/w3m/w3m-0.2.1.tar.gz
>    In order to use this package, you must apply the last version of
>    w3m-0.2.1-inu-patch, which is maintained by Dai Sato.  This patch can
>    be downloaded from:
>       http://mi.med.tohoku.ac.jp/~satodai/w3m/inusrc/200107/.

MIYOSHI Masanori  mailto:miyoshi@boreas.dti.ne.jp