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Re: <HR> displayed as \212's

   From: MIYOSHI Masanori <miyoshi@boreas.dti.ne.jp>
   Date: 27 Aug 2001 07:44:43 +0900


   > This kind of trouble might occur with a wrong version of w3m.
   > Emacs-w3m requires w3m-0.2.1 with w3m-0.2.1-inu-patch.
   > Would you try w3m-0.2.1-inu-1.3?
   > You can get it from
   > http://mi.med.tohoku.ac.jp/~satodai/w3m/inusrc/200107/w3m-0.2.1-inu-1.3.tar.gz.
   > This is a w3m package to which w3m-0.2.1-inu-patch is applied.

yes, with that patch applied, it works correctly. Thank you! Any plans when
this patch will be integrated in the mainstream w3m?
Pavel Janík

panic("Oh boy, that early out of memory?");
                  -- 2.2.16 arch/mips/mm/init.c