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Re: emacs-w3m on Xemacs without mule (non-member post)

>>>>> TSUCHIYA wrote:

TSUCHIYA> If you volunteer, please give a try to this.  Any bug
TSUCHIYA> reports are highly appreciated.


TSUCHIYA> But, the development version of emacs-w3m will not work on XEmacs
TSUCHIYA> which lacks MULE support, because no core development member uses it
TSUCHIYA> in daily work.

Fair enough.

Here goes:

Big success with
 * emacs-version: "21.4 (patch 5) \"Civil Service\" XEmacs Lucid"
 * (apel-version) "APEL/10.2" (Hmm... I have 10.3 in my path so
   apel-version should really say 10.3. OK.)

Browsing normal sites for a few minutes works fine!!!

 * Sites with password protection doesn't work. I get the prompt for
   the user name but no prompt for the password. After this XEmacs
   hangs so to get out of it I must hit C-g.
 * When I browse my "own" site: "www.contactor.se" the links that
   should read "www.contactor.se/om.html", this goes for all the
   internal links, is translated to
   "www.contactor.se/home/matsl/.w3m/om.html". Maybe a special case to
   browse a server on the same machine where it runs but still an

Other features remains to be tested but with this release I seem to be
up running anyway.

%% Mats