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Re: emacs-w3m on Xemacs without mule (non-member post)


>> On 31 Oct 2001 10:16:13 +0100
>> matsl@contactor.se (Mats Lidell) said as follows:

> * Sites with password protection doesn't work. I get the prompt for
> the user name but no prompt for the password. After this XEmacs
> hangs so to get out of it I must hit C-g.

I can't reproduce this problem.  Could you give me more information?
Especially, contents of the " *w3m-work*" buffer after you hit C-g is

> * When I browse my "own" site: "www.contactor.se" the links that
> should read "www.contactor.se/om.html", this goes for all the
> internal links, is translated to
> "www.contactor.se/home/matsl/.w3m/om.html". Maybe a special case to
> browse a server on the same machine where it runs but still an
> error.

I have installed the small trick to avoid this problem.  Would you
test the latest stable version?  It is developed on `emacs-w3m-1_2'
branch of CVS, and can be installed by these following commands:

    % cvs -d :pserver:guest@cvs.namazu.org:/storage/cvsroot login
    CVS password: guest
    % cvs -d :pserver:guest@cvs.namazu.org:/storage/cvsroot co -r emacs-w3m-1_2 emacs-w3m
    % cd emacs-w3m
    % autoconf
    % ./configure
    % make install

To solve this problem completely, it is necessary to use w3m which
accepts `-dump_extra' option.  This option was added by the patch
which was posted after the last official version `w3m-0.2.1' was
released.  Therefore, you will have to apply w3m-0.2.1-inu-patch can
be downloaded from:


and will have to recompile w3m.

Thank you for your report.

TSUCHIYA Masatoshi