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Re: Call for info writers

Katsumi Yamaoka writes:

> Let's have a try!

Hm.  I just ran across this in the nodes you added, and it looks

<RET `(lynx, info)'>

At this point, the documentation doesn't explain what the "lynx" and
the "info" refer to.  And it's quite ugly.

(I know I was the one who suggested this syntax; but what I had in mind
was the case where two maps are available at the same time, e.g. the map
of the buffer and that of the minibuffer.)

A much better option would be to have a dedicated node just at the
beginning, explaining about the two possible maps (Info and lynx); which
would also make clear that the documentation uses the lynx-like map.
The node would also explain how to change maps, and (for example)
encourage the user to use `C-h m' to get a description of the map.

This way we wouldn't have to support two maps in the documentation, and
it would be much more clear, and pretty.

If we agree on this, I'll write the node and make the necessary changes.
The nodes I was supposed to post before the end of the week have
suffered from the end-of-year frenzy and general lack of time, sorry
about this.  Let's push the deadline...  ;)

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