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Re: w3m-search.el

TSUCHIYA-san, could you see [emacs-w3m:04471]?  I've made a new
patch so that is doesn't gererate no rejections with the most
recent emacs-w3m:


I think it's a real generalization!

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.04706]
>>>>>	Romain FRANCOISE <romain@orebokech.com> wrote:

> Just in case you don't remember, I sent a patch on Dec 20th, 2002 which
> added a modification hook for URLs and obsoleted the
> w3m-uri-replace-alist variable, I'm still using it in my local copy and
> I still think it's a good way to have URL modification without too much
> Lisp hackery.  See [emacs-w3m:04471].

I forgot it completely.  Excuse me for ignoring.

>> The points are what is reasonable and what is user-friendly.

> "Reasonable" is probably a matter of coding style or taste here since
> performance isn't critical.  As for "user-friendly", the way the feature
> is coded probably doesn't matter as long as it's still there.

I used "Reasonable" in the sense of unifying the code or making
it elegance.  "User-friendly" means that all users can customize
their preferences easily (maybe it has already been realized,
isn't it?).
Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>