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Re: sb-emacswiki.el / sb-spigel.el

>> On Fri, 07 May 2004 19:10:02 +0200
>> dev-null@knittig.de (Markus Knittig) said as follows:

>I've also create a shimbun modul for the emacswiki and spiegel.  This
>moduls doesn't use RSS. I think that's better.

May be, and may be not.

A module that does not depend on RSS can be more flexible than one
based on RSS.  For example, Spiegel Online provides the RSS that
contains only 10 articles, which are a quite small part of available
articles.  This means that you can lost some articles when more
articles than 10 have been published if you use a module based on RSS.

However, RSS-based approach has a big advantage: a module based on RSS
is more easy for maintenance than the other.  Generally speaking, a
module that does not depend on RSS uses several regular expressions to
detect titles, authors, dates, and URLs.  Because these regular
expressions are quite fragile, you will have to pay a heavy cost to
keep them valid against site changes.

Because these factors are variable through sites, we have to decide
which approach is better for each site.  If you complete your
sb-spigel.el and post it to this mailing list, we will be able to
discuss about it.  A possible solution is to rename sb-spigel.el based
on RSS to sb-spigel-rss.el.

>for sb-emacswiki.el.

Because I do not use sb-emacswiki.el usually and do not have enough
knowledge about EmacsWiKi, I can not decide which approach is better.
Could you discuss about it, David and Markus?

By the way, I think that it is quite important for developers to post
their developing modules to this mailing list in order to avoid
duplication of work like this case.

TSUCHIYA Masatoshi