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w3m-icon-directory (was Re: emacs-w3m: problems with text-cursor...)

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07272] Christian Ruediger Bahls wrote:

> another thing that has been bothering me for some time:
>   normaly i compile an emacs extension once and
>   use the resulting site-lisp dir where ever i have an emacs

> this is not really possible with w3m because its icon-path
>   is outside site-lisp per default

> i can set it to some fixed value
>   though i will get problems when the dir changes
>   say /home/iamkingoftheworld/Emacs -> /users/workersbee/local/emacs

> would it be possible to start searching
>   in a relative location per default?

Emacs-w3m searches icon files in the directory where the value of
the `w3m-icon-directory' variable points to.  The default value
is determined for ordinary cases (for example, the case using
Emacs supplied by some PC-UNIX distributions or the case where a
user has installed Emacs without special configurations).
Although it will guess right in many cases, there will also be
exceptions.  In the later case, you need to set it explicitly.
To do that, put something like the following in your
~/.emacs-w3m.el file.

(setq w3m-icon-directory "~/emacs/etc/w3m/icons/")

Furthermore, you can specify the directory in which the icon
files should be installed.  For example:

./configure --with-icondir=/home/christian/emacs/etc/w3m/icons
make what-where

To see further configure options, type: ./configure --help
The `what-where' make rule shows `what' files are installed into
`where' directories.

Does this information help?