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Re: mysterious file-error

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org> writes:

>>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.08218] Guido Van Hoecke wrote:
>> When I view a web page and hit T or click the images icon, emacs-w3m
>> starts looking for D:\\ap\\pspad\\convert which is an existing
>> directory name, but not a program. I have no clue why it is looking
>> for this pspad thing.
> I guess the `exec-path' Lisp variable in your system contains
> the "D:\\ap\\pspad" directory.  Normally the value of `exec-path'


> inherits the `PATH' environment variable.  It's not wonder if
> there are executable files in the "D:\\ap\\pspad" directory.
> Emacs-w3m looks for the `convert' program in all the `exec-path'
> directories.  However, it seems to be an XEmacs bug if the
> `convert' directory is recognized as executable file.  Could you
> try the following form?  To do that, copy the line into the
> *scratch* buffer and type the `C-j' key at the end of the line.
> (file-executable-p "D:\\ap\\pspad\\convert")

Yep, this is the error: the result is t! I definitely will report this
to the XEmacs developers.

> Regardless of the result, you can specify explicitly in the
> ~/.emacs-w3m.el file where the real `convert' program is:
> (setq w3m-imagick-convert-program "D:\\some\\where\\convert.exe")

I have now installed ImageMagick, and it has registered its directory
at the front of the path variable. I must have missed the
documentation section about needing the ImageMagick program :(

> By the way, there are many bugs in XEmacs of the versions prior
> to 21, and I don't put faith even in the latest XEmacsen.  Though
> I was an enthusiastic XEmacs fan in the past, I had deserted it
> in the end of 2003.

Up to now, I am rather happy with the naive windows port of XEmacs.
I'll use it further on, but I will bear your statement in mind.

Anyhow, thans a lot for the prompt and efficient support,