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Re: mysterious file-error

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.08220] Guido Van Hoecke wrote:

>> By the way, there are many bugs in XEmacs of the versions prior
>> to 21, and I don't put faith even in the latest XEmacsen.  Though
>>    **

There's a mistake; the truth is that XEmacs 21.4.16 and old ones
are buggy.  It's hard for us to let emacs-w3m keep supporting
them, so we decided we make emacs-w3m support only XEmacs 21.4.17
and later and XEmacs 21.5-b19 and later in the future.  In fact,
the development of the emacs-w3m-1.4 series has already stopped.

>> I was an enthusiastic XEmacs fan in the past, I had deserted it
>> in the end of 2003.

> Up to now, I am rather happy with the naive windows port of XEmacs.
> I'll use it further on, but I will bear your statement in mind.

To our regret, the XEmacs Windows porting support seems to have
ended by 21.4.13 (see ftp://ftp.xemacs.org/windows/cygwin32/).