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Re: mysterious file-error

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org> writes:

> directories.  However, it seems to be an XEmacs bug if the
> `convert' directory is recognized as executable file.  Could you
> try the following form?  To do that, copy the line into the
> *scratch* buffer and type the `C-j' key at the end of the line.
> (file-executable-p "D:\\ap\\pspad\\convert")

Just did a C-h f for file-executable-p:
`file-executable-p' is a built-in function
(file-executable-p FILENAME)

Return t if FILENAME can be executed by you.
For a directory, this means you can access files in that directory.

This means that as far as XEmacs is concerned, the behaviour is
correct and should report t.

So this is really a bug inside emacs-w3m.

Anyhow, installing ImageMagick, and having the path environment
properly updated as reported in my previous reply, solved my problem.

So I remain a very happy customer :)