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Re: W3M frame-local buffers (w3m-fb.el).

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.08448] Matt Hodges wrote:

>>>>>> Romain Francoise writes:

>>> There is a very small problem: I think that w3m-fb.el is not a
>>> good name, because it did not remind its feature to me.  Are
>>> there any idea?

>> `w3m-frame-buf.el'?

> It used to be w3m-frame-buffer.el, but this seemed too unwieldy; maybe
> I abbreviated too much...

Well, those who want to know what it is by all means will read
the contents of the file or just try to use it.  And they will
never forget what `fb' and `frame-local buffers' mean.  I was
not an exception. ;-)

> Anyway, since the idea was to get the features rather than the code
> into emacs-w3m, I didn't think the package name too important.  (I
> envisage one user variable named something like w3m-use-frame-buffers
> or w3m-use-frame-tabs.)

I agree.