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Re: Cannot open load file: cl

Your suggestion works fine, I just tested it, but it does not do what
I wanted.  `C-c C-a' switches me to the same or to another *w3m*
buffer.  As I said earlier,

    ... in a *w3m* buffer, `C-x b' (w3m-switch-to-buffer) does not
    offer a default but in other modes, `C-x b' (switch-to-buffer)

In a *w3m* buffer, I want `C-x b' to offer a non-*w3m* buffer when

I suspect the problem is triggered by the lack of a buffer argument
for read-buffer so w3m-switch-to-buffer fails.

This is not a fatal error; but the problem produces an inelegance.

emacs-w3m-version  1.4.189

and I tried again after updating to 1.4.190;
same issues

Today's GNU Emacs CVS snapshot, Tue, 2007 May  8  10:06 UTC
GNU Emacs (i686-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 2.8.20)

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