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Re: `wrong-type-argument arrayp nil` and `w3m-ems`

In [emacs-w3m : No.12034] Keith David Bershatsky wrote:
> Thank you so very very very much !!!!  That was it.  I simply turned
> off the two elc files (you suggested) by renaming them and everything
> started working correctly.

So, I think it's worth trying `M-x byte-compile-file' manually for
those el files after starting up emacs-w3m.  Then you may possibly
get the elc files that are suitable to Emacs + libraries you are
just running.

My guess why you didn't get correct elc's is that something was
lacking when you built emacs-w3m from the source.  All the required
ones should be prepared by the configure script (and the Makefiles).
However, it might overlook some of those required ones as the case
may be.  In that case Emacs' compiler should issue a warning message,
so please watch it carefully if you have a chance to build emacs-w3m
from the source again.  I'm maintaining the emacs-w3m source so as
to issue no warning (on at least GNU Emacs).

> I am not able to send you the faulty elc files, however, due to
> size limitations to your mailing list.

I'm not (and most developers aren't) capable on analyzing an elc
file, so please don't send it.

> Github seems to be just a mirror and there was no place I saw to
> open an issue and report the bug.  If you could please pass along
> the bug information to the appropriate team to help out future
> users, that would be wonderful.

The primary site for the emacs-w3m distribution is cvs.namazu.org.
See <http://emacs-w3m.namazu.org/index-en.html#download> for the
anonymous cvs.  <emacs-w3m@xxxxxxxxxx> is a reception counter for
all emacs-w3m things.

> Thanks again -- I'm so happy everything is working !!!!

That's good to hear anyway. :)