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Re: w3m via `package-list-packages'

Andrey Kotlarski <m00naticus@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Woops, nah, I don't have access to the repository.

Sorry, I misinterpreted that.

> > Mmh, wait, I see a version 19991231.1800, built from CVS, is available
> > at Melpa now.  Presumably it is considered older than the last git built
> > version by package.el, I'm not offered to update the w3m package.  Is
> > this really the current version?  Anyway, I'll wait and see what
> > happens...
> Currently Melpa has problem setting right time-stamp for CVS packages,
> here's a ticket:
> https://github.com/milkypostman/melpa/issues/859

Ah, ok, thanks for the info.

> Otherwise, yes, it's actually the latest code no matter of the
> version.

Good, so I manually removed and reinstalled the w3m package and
everything looks good now.