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Re: delay with close tab

Emanuel Berg <emanuel.berg.8573@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Actually, there isn't a "delay". I said that, but that
> was a mistake. The closing (closed?) tab gets red, and
> the focused gets yellow (those faces are my setup for
> w3m-tab-unselected and w3m-tab-selected), and then it
> does *not* "delay", it *stays* like that until I strike
> another key.
> As for: is the buffer still there? I don't know,
> because when I get to the incorrect state (closed tab
> still there), I cannot make any keystroke (to bring up
> the buffer list or assess a variable), because as soon
> as I do, the tab bar refreshes and doesn't show the
> closed tab anymore. (After that, there is no buffer, so
> that's good.)

FWIW; i sometimes see something similar when opening urls in the
background (S-TAB).  Although the new page seems to have been completely
loaded and formatted, the according tab is still in red and says
"retrieving".  Doing anything triggering a redisplay corrects that.  If
I don't do something triggering redisplay, the tab will be never
refreshed, no matter how long I wait.