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Re: Problems with <RET>.

Hi Hwaen,

In [emacs-w3m : No.12549]
	On Mon, 21 Dec 2015 17:16:21 -0500, Hwaen Ch'uqi wrote:
> Wrong number of arguments: (lambda (form id name) (let ((plist (aref
> form 5)) pair value) (while plist (if (eq id (car plist)) (progn (setq
> pair (plist-get (cadr plist) :value)) (if (and pair (string= (car
> pair) name)) (progn (setq value (cdr pair) plist nil))))) (setq plist
> (cddr plist))) value)), 2

Thanks.  This means that the function `w3m-form-get-by-name' is
called with two arguments, whereas it requires three arguments.
However, I didn't find the code that calls it with two arguments
in the emacs-w3m source[1].  In that condition (w3m-form.el, etc.
are loaded), could you show us the full backtrace?  To do that:

M-x toggle-debug-on-error RET
  -> The echo area shows "Debug on Error enabled globally".

Type `C-]' (<CTRL>+<]>) to make sure to turn off the debug mode.
  -> Make sure the modes indicator in the mode-line is not
     surrounded by [].

Do a thing that causes an error.


Lines matching "(w3m-form-get-by-name" in buffer w3m-form.el.gz.
 413 (let ((value (w3m-form-get-by-name form id name)))
 869 (w3m-form-get-by-name
 870 ,form ,id ,name)
1868 (let* ((value (w3m-form-get-by-name form id name))