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Re: Using w3m-download

Hi Boruch, and Guys on the list.

> Aaaaand ...
> I just pushed a major commit that adds a bulk downloader, a queue, and
> an xattr feature...
> + New feature: Function w3m-download-select bulk downloads links from
>   a buffer or region by a regex and/or selection table. Popular
>   regex'es are maintained in w3m-download-select-filter-list.
> + Downloads accumulate in a queue and are performed subject to
>   dynamically adjustable w3m-download-max-simultaneous.
> + Option to use wget's '--xattr' feature, which saves URL and referer
>   HTTP header to a file extended-attributes (only available if the
>   target filesystem supports extended-attributes, doh).
> + Major documentation and layout changes.
> I've performed basic testing, and it seems beautiful. Exhaustive testing
> will have to wait because: a) I'm exhausted, and ;

Congrats. You Have blow my mind. Great job. It works without any issue.

>b) I have a holiday
> today that needs some festive attending to.

Hope You have enjoyed It.