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Re: bookmark file not reloaded until w3m restart

>> In other words, we should drop the issue,
>> close the bug report - it was due to your
>> personal elisp code, without apologies?
> It doesn't work with the following sequence
> either:
> $ emacs -q
> M-x w3m RET
> v
> E
> (make an edit)
> C-x C-s
> C-x k RET
> R
> Please reopen the bug report for me, "without
> apologies".


~/.w3m/bookmark.html wasn't an HTML file, but
a symlink to another location, where there was
a file with the same name!

IMO Emacs-w3m should really be able to handle
that situation, but it is up to you if you
consider it a bug or not.

Maybe you just never had a user doing it, or
brining it to your attention, so I don't
blame anyone. But now that the situation is
known, again, I think Emacs-w3m should be able
to handle it.

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