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Re: Fix melpa installation

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx> writes:

> > A negative point: apparently, when w3m created "w3m-load" after
> > restarting my emacs here, it produced a warning (AFAIR something like
> > "unknown var package-desc" or something like that).
> I got no warning, hmm.  What I did for testing it is:
> [...]
> If it still happens, I'll appriciate if you could investigate it.

I can't reproduce it any more either.  I deleted the w3m package,
restarted Emacs, installed the w3m package again, and restarted Emacs
again a second time.  No warning.

Dunno if the warning was related to w3m.  To be clear, it appeared when
starting Emacs.  Several times AFAIR, but it disappeared without any

> Added: (message "Created w3m-load.el in %s/" directory)


> I'm not quite sure if the second NOERROR flag is usefull.  IMHO,
> one should easily notice what's wrong if an error occurs, and
> concealing it is none of our business.

I always try to let my init file depend on as few things as possible.
If I have to figure out what's wrong, and I can't use my known Emacs
working environment I get frustrated.  In this case it's easy to avoid.
What's so useful in breaking Emacs startup when w3m is not installed?

> > - nitpick: I use `eval-and-compile' because I compile my init file and
> > so the compiler knows about w3m stuff when compiling.
> Did you mean the w3m-load.el file to be created while compiling
> the init file?

I didn't know, and didn't try to find out.

> Though I realized just before, it is created when installing the w3m
> package because some .el module other than w3m.el loads w3m.el and it
> does it while compiling the package.  So, now I'd like to revert the
> emacs-w3m home page so to show only (require 'w3m-load). ;-)

Ok, I hope it's reliable.  Anyway, works fine here, and wrapped in
`eval-and-compile' it's also enough for compiling my init file.