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Re: Unable to download mp3 files

On 2021-01-05 at 07:17, [emacs-w3m:13735], Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:
> > http error 406.0 - Not Acceptable. The resource cannot be displayed
> > because the file extension is not being accepted by your browser.
> I got the same error when I tried to open a mp3 file in the
> terminal emulator that runs:
> $ w3m http://www.bluesbeforesunrise.org

The option -o 'accept_media=*/*' may be workaround.

It seems your configuration of "accept_media" in ~/.w3m/config
("Accept header" in the Option Setting Panel) doesn't accept audio/mpeg.
The value of "accept_media" is automatically generated from mailcap
files in your system.  To refresh, remove the value and restart w3m.

For w3m, not emacs-w3m, as Boruch mentioned, SAVE_LINK (`a`) should
work to download the link target.  See also the external browsers
feature, e.g. xdg-open can be used to open the link by `2 ESC M` with
"extbrowser2 xdg-open %s &" in ~/.w3m/config.

Tatsuya Kinoshita